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- Soot cleaning machines

- Ductless Hood​​

- Soot cleaning machines for wood-fired ovens

- Soot cleaning machines for electric ovens​

- Soot cleaning machines for charcoal grills

- Ozone generators

- Filters for kitchen hoods

- Stainless Steel Fans

- Activated carbon cleaners

- Electrostatic Filters

- Transmission boxed Aspirators




Motorized electric



for Soot and grease cleaning machines


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The electric motor-driven exhaust valves become indispensable accessories for the correct operation of the soot eliminators, especially in cases when there is no possibility, comfort or safety that the machine is discharged every day.
Furthermore, the electric motorized exhaust valves become indispensable even when the soot reduction units work in conditions where there is an excessive production of micro-particulate and or when the work must be continuous 24 hours (as for example in biomass boilers)
The valves are made of stainless steel and of excellent workmanship, with powerful motors to work even in harsh conditions.



Cod. VVM.INOX.CI.1"1/4

Motorized electric 304 stainless steel din Ø32 230 volt valve.

1 "1/4 total passage with manual opening also.

(for models from AH Ø200mm - AHØ300mm soot removal).



Motorized electric valve 304 stainless steel DN mm Ø50 230 volt.

Total pass 2 ".

(for models from AH Ø400mm - AH Ø600mm soot removal).