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- Soot cleaning machines

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- Soot cleaning machines for wood-fired ovens

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- Soot cleaning machines for charcoal grills

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Soot cleaning machine

for charcoal grills.



The soot abatements of the AH range with water operation, are ideal for the treatment of fumes and odors of charcoal grills, pizzeria wood ovens, bakeries and coffee roasters.

The choice of the right machinery for your business depends on many factors to be evaluated together, but generically what distinguishes one from the other is the quantity of air treated by each of them.

Below, the four models we produce suitable for charcoal grills.


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Abbattitori di Fuliggine  AH 500

Abbattitori di Fuliggine  AH 300

Abbattitori di Fuliggine  AH 400

The AH 300 soot cleaning is built to eliminate carbonaceous particulate (soot) and impurities of various kinds from combustion fumes.


250 - 350 m³ / h (without fan)

Up to 3,500 m³ / h (with fan)

The AH 400 soot cleaner machine is built to eliminate carbonaceous particulate (soot) and impurities of various kinds from combustion fumes.


500 - 600 m³ / h (without fan)

Up to 6,000 m³ / h (with fan)

Smoke and soot purification system for charcoal grills, pizzeria wood ovens and coffee roasters, with independent aspirator.


10.000 m³ / h (without fan)

Up to 11,000 m³ / h (with fan)

Contact us with confidence and we will find together the best solution for your needs.​


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The soot and grease cleaning machine AH 400, AH 300, AH 250, AH 200 and Clinear are tested and IMQ certified according to CE regulations.

Each machine is rigorously produced in Italy by ETC Group S.r.l. and scrupulously tested by specialized technicians within our company.


Soot cleaning machines.

The soot cleaning machine are water-operated devices for the treatment of soot and fumes for pizzeria wood-fired ovens, biomass boilers, smoke reduction and micro-particle of coffee roasters.

It is an important and unique certified system for the removal of microparticulates from wood-burning stoves.

The soot cleaning machine treats soot even when the machine is off.

It is the most technological product on the market today.

Fully automatic.

It has the lowest consumption of electricity and water. Constructed entirely in stainless steel with a thickness of 15/10, including the internal and external fittings of the blast chiller.

An important component is the Grunfos CM pump, practically indestructible.In addition to having low consumption, our soot cleaning machine are also the most effective on the market today.

They do not require special maintenance but only a 15-minute cleaning once a month.

Guaranteed and fast product. Post sales assistance.​