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- Soot cleaning machines

- Ductless Hood​​

- Soot cleaning machines for wood-fired ovens

- Soot cleaning machines for electric ovens​

- Soot cleaning machines for charcoal grills

- Ozone generators

- Filters for kitchen hoods

- Stainless Steel Fans

- Activated carbon cleaners

- Electrostatic Filters

- Transmission boxed Aspirators



Soot cleaning machines

for electric ovens.




When we talk about electric ovens we must keep in mind that it is a vapor condensation system with discharge into the sewers.

Therefore a vapor condensation and odor treatment system.

Based on our experience we have developed a solution that contains the product FILTERPAC 500 FE, a post-water treatment anti-pollution device.

Can be used on micro particulate abatement systems. Very effective for giving optimal results with maximum air flow up to 500 m³ / h.

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Condensate and odor cleaner

for electric ovens.

Filterpac   500 FE

The removal of suspended dust, cooking vapors for electric ovens and cooking odors up to 90% with a single alumina filter has its solution with the Filterpac 500 FE.​

Principle of operation:

The mains water nozzle (0.3 l / min) helps to eliminate any coarse impurities present in the smoke stream (it can be kept closed if necessary);

Decanting in the lower part of the box, where the larger, wet impurities are collected and drained through a special drain directly into the sewer;

The two labyrinth and net / pile filtering septa, which hold medium-thin particles (G4) and a considerable part of the suspended humidity;

The two layers of activated alumina (AlO3 impregnated with KMnO4), eliminate odors and thanks to their hygroscopicity, residual moisture.

The 500 FE Filterpack is supplied with;

FE 500 filter unit
RM 220/2 vacuum cleaner 180 w
Toshiba mono 230 three phase 230 inverter.

Filterpack 500 FE is a post-water treatment anti-pollution device.


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