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AH 500


Soot and grease cleaning machine


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Soot and grease abatement device AH 500


are built to eliminate carbonaceous particulate (soot) and impurities of various kinds from combustion fumes.

AH Ø500 soot abatements device are used where it is necessary to purify exhaust fumes from non-toxic waste before placing them in the environment;


Finds its main application in the treatment of the fumes of large charcoal grills, large pellet stoves, wood and biomass, and other large combustors with fumes rich in carbon residues and particulates.

The machine requires the application of a fan, located downstream of the device.

The described model has a double wash system.

The washing water can be disposed of in the sewer system.

From the machine comes air saturated with steam, at a temperature of about 50 degrees, free of carbon particles and suspended impurities (95% reduction).

Odors are cut by 60-70%.


Technical characteristics and information:

  • A luminaire capable of removing and breaking down the particulate with a yield of over 95%.
  • One of a kind.


  • Automatic operation with recycled water.
  • Equipped with a thermometer for measuring temperature.
  • Pressure gauge, pump. Water supply pressure gauge.
  • Faucet and rubber for washing and cleaning the built-in device.
  • Exceptional in the management of your own cleaning (once every 6 months).
  • Totally stainless steel exhausts including the valve with on-of indications.


  • Very used as soot abatement for biomass boilers with air flow up to 10,000 m³ / h.

Product certified by IMQ: NO. IMQ 242


AH 500 soot cleaning machines, using the double-washing technology, from the Enterprise category, plus the rollé system (new 2018)


  • AH 500 is the most effective system for treating fat and odors in charcoal grills.
  • Air flow rate up to 10,000 m³ / h.


The A-weighted noise emission level, measured at 1m from the surface of the machine and 1.6 meters above the ground, does not exceed 70 dB (A).


Internal fluid dynamics of the AH 500

Width 1,450 mm

Depth 1,540 mm

Height 810 mm

Smoke inlet and outlet Customizable

Air flow rate 10,000 mc / h (incoming air speed 3,7 m / s)

Air volume with aspirator 11.000 mc / h (power of the aspirator up to 3 kw)

Electric power of the pump 1.35 kw

Water consumption, 440 liters per day plus water consumed for evaporation *

Built in stainless steel, thickness 15/10


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